About The Peacebuilding Podcast

The Peacebuilding Podcast is a 45 minute pre-recorded weekly podcast that features interviews with practitioners, innovators, and creators whose work — whether intended or not — is building peace. It draws on the work of people who are:


  • Thinking out of the box
  • Building new models (of partnership and respect across difference, as opposed to domination and control)
  • Creating disruptive technologies, processes, or systems that make old models obsolete
  • Facilitating deeper contact, dialogue and connection
  • Resolving conflict by focusing on interests and needs, as opposed to power or polarized rights-based debate
  • Making connections between the local to the planetary

The target audiences of the show are:

  • Younger adults, those often referred to as “millennials”
  • Mediators, coaches, consultants (including academics) who are interested in taking a systems approach to their work and, of course, peacebuilders
  • The United Nations, governments including military personnel, international relations community, legislators/parliamentarians, foundations, NGO’s
  • For profit companies who know that peace is profitable.

The goal of the podcast is to inspire new and experienced interveners to boldly and creatively use “self as instrument” to take their work to the next level as well as to facilitate a global conversation about what processes and methods are working best to build common ground. It is designed to provide listeners with interdisciplinary inspiration, role models, perhaps a community of practice, as well as practical tips, tools and approaches to unpack the art and science of peacebuilding.

About Susan Coleman

Susan Coleman’s interest in creating The Peacebuilding Podcast has grown out of a three-decade career as a specialist in the field of conflict resolution and strategies to build common ground. She is a lawyer, mediator, large group facilitator, leadership, team and systems coach, runs workshops in intercultural negotiation and communications, and has been highly trained to intervene in complex systems at the individual, group and organizational level. She has worked with organizations, communities and people worldwide with on the ground engagements in 27+ countries in the Americas, Europe, Africa, Asia, and the Middle East. She designed and delivered the first negotiation and mediation program for the United Nations Secretariat and, with Ellen Raider, the first certificate program in conflict resolution for Teacher’s College, Columbia University. Clients have included the United Nations worldwide, the Government of Switzerland, the New York City Board of Education, American Express, the Colombian Government, NASA, Columbia University and the United States Department of State. She has an M.P.A. from the Kennedy School of Government at Harvard, a J.D. from Hofstra School of Law (Law Review Honors), multiple post-graduate certifications from the Gestalt Institute of Cleveland and the Organization and Systems Development Center, and is an ICF certified coach. Ms. Coleman resides in the Hudson Highlands north of New York City where she regularly contributes to creating a greener and more sustainable community.

"The best way to predict the future is to create it".

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